Industrial and commercial roof top power ventilators fans. Quick ship of upblast and hooded rooftop centrifugal and axial fan blowers and propeller ventilators.
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Roof Ventilators manufactured by experts!

Centrifugal Downblast Domed Power Roof Ventilators are ideal for ventilation of commercial and institutional buildings. Fan features spun aluminum weather resistant ventilator housing with isolated fan-cooled motor-drive compartment. Self aligning regreasable ball bearings are standard.

The low silhouette spun aluminum centrifugal power roof ventilators, and louvered aluminum power roof ventilators are created for low cost general exhaust for a wide range of commercial uses. Both designs utilize standard variable pitch V-belt drive, adjustable motor support base, and non-overloading aluminum wheel, or axial prop.

Centrifugal Upblast Power Roof ventilators are designed to exhaust grease-laden air (UL 762) and for general ventilation applications (UL 705). Construction features sealed spun aluminum positive ventilation fan motor compartment, one-piece deep-spun venturi, built in grease trough and drain, aluminum non-overloading centrifugal wheel.

Filtered Air Supply Roof Ventilators are designed to supply untempered make-up air to environments, where vapors, mist, gases, or odors are removed by an exhaust system. Fan applications include garages, foundries, plants, kitchens, athletic clubs,etc. Fan features weather hood (galvanized, or epoxy coated) with insulation for moisture barrier, forward curved centrifugal blower, or axial propeller  fan, removable access panel, rubber vibration isolators, and 1” aluminum washable filters.

Upblast Axial Power Roof Ventilators are general ventilation fan units for handling of large volumes of air. A distinctive feature of the fan is leak-proof butterfly damper with watertight sealed base. Wheel again is axial die formed prop, or cast aluminum adjustable pitch airfoil propeller.

Axial Hooded Power Roof Ventilators are high capacity exhaust fans, designed for removal of large volumes of air in warehouses, factories and mills. Fan features weather hood, rain channels and watertight sealed base with spun venturi. Wheel is either die formed propeller, or cast aluminum adj. pitch propeller. Bird screens, Insect screens and removable filter packages are optional.

Accessories: Prefabricated weather proof roof curbs, pitched to suit the roof slope are available in galvanized steel or aluminum. Automatic and Motor-Operated Backdraft Dampers provide weather protection and prevent backdraft. Aluminum hood, or aluminum hood/stack combination is available for corrosive environment. Side discharge is used for connection to supply / exhaust duct located outside on the roof. Safety Guard, Bird Screen, Insect Screen, or Filter Package are available upon request. Special protective coatings and alloys(aluminum, or stainless) are optional. Pre-wired and loose Safety Disconnect Switch, and Speed Controller are optional.

All models power roof ventilators bear the AMCA Seal.

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Canada Blower fans are used in every aspect of food production from grain drying to product packaging. CB fans are found in milling, blending and pelletizing systems used in the preparation of animal feed. These feed mill products are pneumatically conveyed to rail cars or trucks for delivery to the feed lot operation. Industries from poultry to meat production use these fans to cool the animals and refrigerate the processing plants. Canada Blower fans in cryogenic units freeze the fruit, vegetables and meat products during packaging.

Available for both portable and permanent installation, grain dryers use various fan designs coupled with heaters to remove moisture from agricultural products. The process can involve raw grain from the field or spent products that are being recycled for additional uses. The Canada Blower dryers can be rotary drum, gravity flow or batch types. Usually, high volumes of moderate temperature air are necessary to remove moisture from agricultural products before storage. The efficiency of these fans & blowers is often a major selection requirement. If the equipment is portable, the fans size may be restricted by electrical service limitations. Canadian Blower makes a wide variety of fans in many materials for use in grain drying applications.

Canada Blower direct drive and belt drive fans / ventilators are suitable bearings and motors isolated from the process. Shaft seals with ceramic felt elements, housing clean out door, safety guards and electrical disconnects, ambient air inlet filter and blower silencers are all available options.