Industrial inline duct fan ventilators, inline tube axial and vane axial blower fans. Sales of large industrial vaneaxial and tubeaxial ventilators, fans and blowers.
Canadian Blower Fan Company


Canada Blower duct fans are best suited for applications with low pressure characteristics. These versatile and dependable fans can be used to remove fumes, dirt-laden air, steam, hot air, and smoke; or to supply air for cooling, drying, and general ventilation. They are well suited for air moving applications requiring high flow and low to medium pressure where adjustable pitch blades allow fans to be accurately set.

Duct Axial Fans

Canada Blower Axial fans are ideal for applications where static pressure requirements fall between those of a low-pressure duct fan and a vaneaxial blower. Type DA Duct Axial Fans combine the best features of the rugged, highly efficient vaneaxial blower and the economical performance of the duct fan providing maximum efficiency in the static pressures.