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Canadian Blower VaneAxial Fans

Canadian Blower and Forge VaneAxial inline duct Fans for variable volume air handling applications utilize adjustable pitch high efficiency aerofoil aluminum fan propellers to provide optimum performance. Buffalo Type VPS Adjustax have an internal fan blade pitch adjustment, which allows to bring variable air volume capability for air conditioning, heating and ventilating applications.

Clamshell Design Vaneaxial Fans are used primarily in applications where ready access to the interior of the fan is desired. The entire bearing assembly can be removed quickly and easily, without removing the fan from the stack. Heavy duty pillow block anti-friction bearings with split inner cylinder are standard. Clamshell design vaneaxial fans are avaiable with steel wheels and aluminum fan wheels.

Spray Booth Design Vaneaxial Fans are available in standard belt drive arrangement 9. These fans are designed for use in spraybooth installations, or in a variety of applications where requirements make it necessary to clean the fan periodically. Standard ventilator accessories include: inlet / outlet cones, inlet bell, screensfor fan, cone, or bell; belt guard, weather proof motor and drive cover, spark resitant construction with aluminum wheels, or steel wheels with bronze tipped blades; support legs, suspension clips, shaft seals are also available as standard options.

Spark Resistant X-proof construction on tubeaxial and vaneaxial fans is available in all aluminum airstream (AMCA A) construction; aluminum wheel (AMCA B) construction; and steel wheel with bronze tipped fan blades and shaft retainer (AMCA C) construction.

High temperature fan construction: upon request Buffalo vaneaxial fans can be furnished with optional high temperature construction for oven exhaust, or combusting gases exhaust applications.

Corrosion resistant construction and chemical duty construction: for corrosive environment all vaneaxial fans are available in FRP construction, as well as in 304 SS, 316 SS, or 316 L stainless steel construction. Special coatings are optional and selection is made based on the fan application.

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Canada Blower Company is a supplier of Industrial and Commercial fans and ventilators for all air moving applications.

Canada Blower SQBA & SQDA Square Centrifugal Inline Fans are recommended for a wide range of general exhaust applications where low, medium and high ranges of air volume and pressure are specified, in both ducted and non-ducted ventilation systems. Fan applications include virtually all types of light manufacturing, commercial and institutional buildings .

Designed for easy positioning and quick installation, the versatile Squre In-Line Fan can be located inside equipmenr rooms, in ceiling spaces or as part of O.E.M. equipment.

The advantages of an Canada Blower SQBA belt-drive fan over a SQDA direct-driven fan include quieter operation, adjustable performance to suit operating needs and availability of larger air volume fans up to 30,000 CFM.

The Canada Blower SQBA fan utilizes a standard V-belt drive design with variable pitch cast iron motor pulley for adjusting fan speed. Heavy duty pillow-block bearings with cast iron housing are sel-aligning and relubricable. Available fan accessories are: vibration isolators, inlet & outlet flanges, backdraft & motorized dampers, variable inlet vanes, round duct connectors, special motors, disconnects.