Industrial upbalst and downblast roof ventilators, axial propeller wall and roof fans. Sales of high temperature vaneaxial and tubeaxial fan blowers and fan wheels.
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Buffalo Up-Blast Power Roof Ventilators

Buffalo Style V Sky-Vent Power Roof ventilators provide clear evidence of the continued leadership of Buffalo Fan in the engineering development and manufacture of ventilating fan packages for industrial and commercial ventilation. Buffalo Fan Company incorporated BREEZOs design T, Design 53 Belt-Airs, Design 80, Design 65 and Design 50 NV fans, Type B fans, including LB, MB, HB pitched props, Types K and Type F fans Design T, AEROPROP design 53 and Design C, Type K, Type F fan components covering size ranging from 15" to 72" wheel diameters with capacities from 2200 CFM to 130,000 CFM.

Style V So-Low Sky-Vent Power Roof Ventilators is a low-silhouette, factory assembled package unit constructed to withstand hurricane force winds. It construction incorporates galvanized steel wind band, rain gutter, automatic dampers (gravity action) with damper bearings and damper stops, optional stack for true vertical discharge, gussets to fasten the wind band to the stack, streanlined die formed Venturi closely shrouding fan propeller / wheel, heavy duty prop supplied in variety of designs, roof curb sheet with flanged edges, totally enclosed air over high efficiency motors, special coatings for corrosion and moisture resistance. This type of power roof ventilator is available in Tilt-Up construction, which provides access to drives and motors direct from the roof.

AF Type Style V Sky-Vent Power Roof Ventilators utilize vaneaxial and tubeaxial fans to which a separate damper head and curb sheet are attched. Their construction incorporates flanged wind band, or shroud with rain gutter, supplied with integrated gravity automatic dampers pivoted in bushing bearings, dampers stops and flange, tube-axial, or vane-axial fan stack, available in direct drive - arrangement 4, or belt drive with belt tension adjustment arrangement 9 configuartion, motor cover, or belt gurad, gussets, heavy duty fan wheel, available with a variety of motors, corrosion an dmoisture resistant finishes.

FRP Fan Construction - Fiber Reinforced Polyester corrosion resistant construction is available for all up-blast power roof ventilators along with protective coatings for corrosive exhaust fumes or atmosphere including synthetic vinyl plastic and a cathalytic epoxy coatings.

Corrosion resistant fan construction and chemical duty construction: for corrosive environment wall fans are avaialble in 304 SS, 316 SS, or 316 L stainless steel construction.

Emergency Duty Purge Up-Blast Ventilators incorporate elements of sealed and high-temp. consturuction for emergency fume and smoke exhaust.

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Pressure blowers; plug fans; air kits; centrifugal and axial ventilators.
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Canada Blower Company is a supplier of Industrial and Commercial fans and blowers of all types.

Canada Blower CFS & SIS Centrifugal Filtered supply fans with four-side and on-side inlets are designed for roof mounting on curbs to provide make-up filtered air to general ventilation systems. Applications include ventilating of a variety of commercial and industrial facilities.

The fan has a double-width double-inlet centrifugal wheel with forward curved blades. The fan filters are 1" cleanable aluminum mesh. Housings of Canada Blower CFS & SIS roof ventilators are constructed from mill galvanized steel. The fans capacities: up to 10,000 CFM / to 1.5" WG static pressure. Fans of this type are quite efficient, dependable and require relatively little maintenance.

Access to the fan motor, drive and filters is accomplished by removal of the top utilizing (4) zinc coated, quick release snap latches. Canada Blower CFS / SIS power roof ventilators have a V-belt drive with ajustable motor pulley, as well as adjustable motor support. All Canada Blower roof exhaust fans are available with such accessories as backdraft and motorized dampers, roof curbs, protective coatings, safety guards, disconnect switches, and many other useful features.