Industrial in-line axial duct fans and ventilators, FRP fiberglass and SST axial flow fan blowers, propellers for vane axial and tube axial fans and ventilators.
Canadian blowers and fans

Canada Blower Duct TubeAxial and VaneAxial Fans

Canada Blower and Forge Duct Tube Axial and Vane Axial Fans for variable volume air handling applications utilize adjustable pitch high efficiency aerofoil aluminum fan propellers to provide optimum fan performance. Buffalo Type VPS Adjustax Axial Fan have an internal fan blade pitch adjustment, which allows to bring variable air volume capability for air conditioning, heating and ventilating applications.

Clamshell Design Vaneaxial Fans are used primarily in applications where ready access to the interior of the fan is desired. The entire bearing assembly can be removed quickly and easily, without removing the fan from the stack. Heavy duty pillow block anti-friction bearings with split inner ventilator cylinder are standard. Clamshell design vaneaxial fans are avaiable with steel wheels and aluminum wheels.

Spray Booth Design Vaneaxial Fans are available in standard belt drive fan arrangement 9. These fans are designed for use in spraybooth installations, or in a variety of applications where requirements make it necessary to clean the fan periodically. Standard ventilator accessories include: inlet / outlet cones, inlet bell, screens for fan, cone, or bell; belt guard, weather proof motor and drive cover, spark resitant construction with aluminum fan wheels, or steel wheels with bronze tipped blades; support legs, suspension clips, shaft seals are also available as standard fan options.

Spark Resistant X-proof construction on tubeaxial and vaneaxial fans is available in all aluminum airstream (AMCA A) construction; aluminum wheel (AMCA B) construction; and steel wheel with bronze tipped blades and shaft retainer (AMCA C) construction.

High temperature ventilator construction: upon request Buffalo vaneaxial fans can be furnished with optional high temperature construction for oven exhaust, or combusting gases exhaust fan applications.

Corrosion resistant construction and chemical duty construction: for corrosive environment all vaneaxial fans are available in FRP construction, as well as in 304 SS, 316 SS, or 316 L stainless steel construction. Special fan coatings are optional and selection is made based on the application.

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The many types of industrial fans require
8/24/2021 Industrial Fan: What Is It? How Is It Used? Types Of 17/26
speci􀃕c components to 􀃕t the application for
which they are going to be used. Essential to
fan construction is durability and the
capability of withstanding use in demanding
stressful conditions. Designers and engineers
carefully select the proper materials to
perfectly 􀃕t the conditions for which a fan is
Industrial fans are designed to circulate air in
warehouses, factories, large open buildings,
and other applications that would become
stagnant or stale without air movement.
Industrial Fan Design
Fan Motor
The motor of an industrial fan can be direct
drive and connected to the impeller or be
indirect where the impeller is belt driven.
Motors for industrial fans are typically
alternating current (AC) and include windings,
bearings, and other components. The frame
for the motor is designed to contain and
protect the internal parts of the motor and
dissipate heat. For hazardous and potentially
explosive conditions, the motor may be
designed to be explosion proof.
8/24/2021 Industrial Fan: What Is It? How Is It Used? Types Of 18/26
Fan Impeller
In direct drive industrial fans, the impeller
that holds the fan blades is connected directly
to the motor. In the case of a centrifugal fan,
the impeller can be driven by a belt or direct
drive and is enclosed in a housing or drum.
The impeller is the most important part of an
industrial fan since it holds the blades.
Fan Blades
The fan blades are a crucial component of the
fan and determine the fan's e􀃡ectiveness.
Blade pro􀃕les can be forward, backward,
radial inclined, curved, and tipped. Depending
on the application and design of the blades,
they can rotate forward or backward. The
blades pull the air in and push it out as they
spin. The blade pro􀃕le determines the
e􀃞ciency of the air 􀃖ow and the volume air
the fan can move.
8/24/2021 Industrial Fan: What Is It? How Is It Used? Types Of 19/26
Fan Housing
The housing contains the impeller and the fan
blades and is the part of the fan through
which the air 􀃖ow will pass. When air enters
the housing, its structure compresses the air;
this increases the air’s speed. Two factors, the
housing and impeller, are the essential
factors in determining the performance of an
industrial fan.
Fan Mount
There is a wide variety of mounts for
industrial fans that vary according to how the
fan will be used, the volume of air to be
moved, and several other factors. Common
mounts are 􀃖oor and wall; 􀃖oor mounted
fans can sit directly on the 􀃖oor on metal legs
or can be on a post or pole. Wall mounted
industrial fans can hang from the ceiling, o􀃡
the side of a wall, or be secured in a corner.
8/24/2021 Industrial Fan: What Is It? How Is It Used? Types Of 20/26
the side of a wall, or be secured in a corner.
The placement and type of mount depends a
great deal on where the fan needs to be
positioned for its purpose.
Duct, conveyor, and material moving fans are
located where they will be most e􀃞cient and
e􀃡ective for the process. Fans that are part
of enhancing air movement in a dust system
or are part of the movement of raw materials
have a unique design and are engineered into
the application.