Industrial gas fired air handling units AHU and heated air curtains. Salles of roof and wall air make up fan ventilators, hooded, up-blast and down-blast roof fans.
Industrial fans and blowers

Engineering Representative for major North American fan manufacturers offering all types of industrial fans and blowers. Our specialty is process OEM fans and blowers:

- combustion blowers,
- oven / dryer circulating fans,
- pneumatic conveying blowers,
- dust collection / scrubber fans,
- stainless steel and fiberglass blowers,
- exhaust fans,
- high temperature and high pressure blowers and fans.

Engineering of through the wall exhaust fans, airflow exhaust ventilators, fume hood exhaust fans, roof / wall supply blowers, paint booth ventilation fans, high pressure air blowers, air pressure blowers, high temperature air blowers, rotary air blowers, air fan-blowers systems, roof blowers, roots blowers, oven / dryer exhaust ventilators, heavy-duty ventilation fans, spray booth exhaust fans, New York blowers, Dayton fans, Chicago blowers, American Coolair ventilators, ACME ventilators, Twin City fans, Aerovent fans, Cincinnati blowers.
Supply of HVAC fans and blowers, large fan ventilators, commercial ventilators & fans, portable blowers fnas, electric blowers & fans, heavy duty blowers, cooling ventilators, direct drive blowers, ventilation fans, multistage blowers, high volume ventilator fans, rotary lobe pressure blowers, fan / blower packages.