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Industrial fiberglass FRP fans

Canada Blower fiberglass fans are primarily used for exhausting gases, fumes, and vapors from chemical processes. Straight-through airflow combines the compact advantage of an axial fan with the performance characteristics of a centrifugal fan.

The standard FRP resin used for the fiberglass fan is resistant to a large variety of alkalis and other chemical agents. When a corrosion resistant fan is required to withstand chemicals which attack glass or polyester resin, special plastic and reinforcing material can be supplied.

When it comes to Fiber Reinforced Plastic fans or FRP blowers, there are several key benefits. Because of that, these fans are ideal for both industrial and commercial applications.
Aerodynamic Impellers – For one thing, FRP blowers have impellers that are aerodynamically designed. Therefore, the fans produce a higher efficiency that makes them perfect for a broader range of applications.
Weight Reduction – Another benefit associated with FRP blowers is that when compared to other types of blowers, there is a noted reduction in weight. Not only does this enhance durability, it actually helps extend the life of the mechanical drive systems, including motors, bearings, gear boxes, and more.
Less Power Consumption – To operate FRP blowers, less power consumption is required. Ultimately, this saves on energy, especially when making a comparison to other metallic-type blowers.
Fabrication – Manufacturers of Fiber Reinforced Plastic blowers use composite fabrication procedures, such as resin transfer molding, standard molding, and compression. As a result, the blowers boast a consistent quality and the dimensions of the impellers are uniform.
Noise Pollution – One advantage of FRP blowers that people appreciate is the reduced amount of mechanical noise and flow sound. As imagined, this makes the working environment more enjoyable as well as safer from a hearing perspective.
Durability and Lifespan – Due to their enhanced mechanical strength, FRP blowers are more durable, and they have a longer lifespan.
Corrosion Resistance – Because of the materials used in manufacturing fiberglass reinforced plastic blowers, they are more resistant to chemicalerosion and corrosion.
Fire Safety – Fiberglass reinforced plastic blowers produce vibration-free operation, and they are fire retardant.


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Canadian Blower high temperature fans include four aerodynamic designs offer a wide range of solutions for thermal process applications:

With sturdy steel construction and rugged durable components, the Canada Blower Tubeaxial Fan is built to stand up to severe industrial duty applications from continuous inline exhausting to process equipment to heat transfer Canada Blower's famous industrial quality is readily apparent in the Tube Axial fans, from the grade of steel coming in the door to full run testing before going out the door.

Canada Blower Tube Axial's exceptional performance is the result of superior airfoil blade technology combined with the advanced production technology. Canada Blower efficient axial fan design requires a uniform air flow along the entire blade surface from tip to root even though the blade tip travels faster than root. To compensate for these lower root speeds, not only must the pitch angle of the blade be increased, the "lift" characteristic must be increased by enlarging the airfoil cross-section. Canada Blower's airfoil propeller is based on this precise combination of effective fan blade pitch angle and NACA airfoil section, continuously changeing shape from tip to root.